Do you desire to have a calm, gentle, and beautiful birth for you and your baby?  Do you want to feel confident and empowered while birthing? 

If you answered yes to these questions, then Hypnobirthing® is for you!

What is HypnoBirthing®?

HypnoBirthing® is as much a birthing philosophy as it is a method of birthing.  It is a program that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and their baby, whether birthing in a home, hospital, or birth center. We understand that women’s bodies instinctively know how to birth.  When a woman is properly prepared for childbirth with her mind and body in harmony, nature is free to function in the same well designed manner that it does for all other creatures.

What will I learn?

  • Techniques for deep relaxation to help you eliminate fear and tension.
  • How your body is naturally designed to birth your baby with ease and comfort
  • To create your body’s own natural relaxant for lessening or even eliminating discomfort
  • Breathing techniques for all stages of labor, to gently breath your baby down
  • How you and your birthing companion can create a birthing environment that is calm, serene, and joyful

What is included?

  • 12.5 hours of instruction by your certified childbirth educator
  • HypnoBirthing the Mongan Method® book and relaxation CD
  • Rainbow Relaxation MP3 download
  • Spiral bound handout notebook to help you retain information and practice techniques at home

What is the time commitment?

HypnoBirthing® courses are taught in a five week format, which includes five 2.5 hour sessions.

My advice: if you’re considering HypnoBirthing at all, DO IT, and do it with Dana! Learn the method from her and work through every aspect of your birthing together. By learning what birth will be like, and by preparing ahead of time what decisions you’ll make should anything change course, you’ll be ready to meet your baby with a positive birth experience!” -Leigh M.

” We truly believe this is your calling and couldn’t imagine having a better HypnoBirthing instructor.” -Courtney D.

“…we truly understand, love, and believe in your course! Truly an amazing experience.” – Megan P.

Dana “always made us feel at ease and engaged. Very reassuring to learn from someone with personal experience.” – Jack M.

“Thank you again for all your time and research. I can’t stress enough how empowered I feel to ask questions and know what to consider when making an informed decision!” -Andrea C.

Let’s connect to discuss how HypnoBirthing® can help you!